Can I plan a trip to the Maldives on a budget?

Yes, absolutely. The Maldives has a number of 3* and 4* resorts. If you are on a budget, try to plan your trip around the Low Season (May to October). The Festive Period (December) tends to be more expensive as it is a popular time to travel.

Choose a package rate to fit your budget. Make Plans Holidays has a number of packages throughout the year. Contact us on +91 9820455030 or email us at sales@makeplans.in to start planning your Maldivian getaway. Alternatively, you can also visit the Resorts page to browse through numerous resorts and you can send your query to us online.

With a unique concept of one island one resort, guests can enjoy privacy at the resort. Every resort has the same azure blue water and white sandy beach. You can enjoy the beauty of Maldives regardless.

How do you reach the Maldives from India?

There are flight connections as follows:

From Mumbai:

Mumbai – Maldives (GoAir)
Mumbai – Maldives (IndiGo)
Mumbai – Colombo – Maldives (Sri Lankan Airlines)
Mumbai – Cochin – Maldives (SpiceJet)
Mumbai – Trivandrum – Maldives (SpiceJet)
Mumbai – Bengaluru – Maldives (Air India)

From Delhi:

Delhi – Maldives (GoAir)
Delhi – Maldives (IndiGo)
Delhi – Colombo – Maldives (Sri Lankan Airlines)
Delhi – Trivandrum – Maldives (SpiceJet)
Delhi – Bengaluru – Maldives (Air India)


Bengaluru – Maldives (IndiGo)
Bengaluru – Maldives (Air India)
Bengaluru – Colombo – Maldives (Sri Lankan Airlines)


Kolkata- Colombo – Maldives (Sri Lankan Airlines)
Kolkata – Bengaluru – Maldives (Air India)


Kochi – Maldives (IndiGo)
Kochi – Maldives (SpiceJet)

Can I travel to different islands? / Can I stay at two different resorts?

You can stay at different resorts. We will tailor a package to meet this request. However, if you intend on visiting another island/resort we would recommend against it as to and fro transfers tend to be very expensive especially if resorts are accessible only via seaplane. However, we will be happy to arrange the same for you should you wish to visit another resort at the additional cost.

If you wish to visit different islands/resorts, you can choose an island hopping tour from the resort at an additional cost.

Hotel chains that have multiple resorts in the Maldives have special packages if you opt for a split stay at their resorts (For example – 2 nights in resort A and 2 nights in resort B). We will provide you with the most economical option should you wish to split your stay between two sister resorts.

What is the climate in the Maldives?

As the Maldives is close to the equator, there is tropical climate all through the year. There are occasional showers in the afternoons/early evenings which don’t last long. Guests can enjoy the sunshine almost all year round.

Can I travel on my own internally in the Maldives?

No. As the Maldives is made up of a thousand individual islands, there are no roads connecting the islands. The main modes of transport are speedboats, dhonis, seaplanes or domestic flights. The transfers are arranged by the resort and are a part of your travel package when you book with us.

Resorts which are further away from Velana airport will have to be accessed either by seaplane or a domestic flight followed by a short speedboat trip to the resort. These packages tend to be slightly steeper in cost owing to the cost of the transfers.

Is there any sightseeing in the Maldives? Can I visit other islands?

The concept of one island one resort means that guests usually stay on one island through the duration of their stay there. If you choose to take a diving or snorkelling trip, the resort will take you to a dive site proximate to the resort.

Guests may wish to visit the capital, Male at an additional cost. It is advisable to stay at a resort close to Male city if you wish to visit the capital. This is because the cost of travel between the resort and Male will be significantly high if you stay a resort further away from the capital.

If you wish to visit different islands/resorts, you can choose an island hopping tour from the resort at an additional cost.

Why should I choose a package rate over personal expenses while planning my trip to the Maldives?

As we have yearly contracted rates with the resorts, our agent rates tend to be far cheaper than booking online or directly through the resort. A lot of hidden costs like transfer costs and mandatory taxes are added only at the time of booking.

We, however, disclose all costs at the time of enquiry and try to work out the rates to fit your budget.

What should I carry to the Maldives?

Firstly, it is important to carry your passport, return air tickets and your hotel booking voucher provided by us for your trip. (Please make sure your passport has a validity of at least 06 months during the time of travel)

We would suggest you carry light breezy clothing and footwear, swimwear and swim gear and sunscreen. Resorts usually provide snorkelling gear either at an additional cost or on the house. Resorts have on-site gift shops where you can buy souvenirs, clothing, accessories and even essentials like sunscreen or moisturiser if you have forgotten to carry them with you.

Can I carry alcohol with me to the Maldives?

No. Tourists are not permitted to carry alcohol into the Maldives. If the border agency suspects a tourist of carrying alcohol, and if found during a bag check, they may suspend the bottle which will be available for pick up at the time of the tourists’ departure.

However, alcohol is served at resorts. We would suggest booking an “All Inclusive Package” where the cost of breakfast, lunch, dinner, drinks and alcohol along with your stay is all included in the package.

How much does a trip cost to the Maldives?

Conventionally known to be a millionaires paradise, the Maldives, in fact, can work out to be an economical holiday option for many. Packages for 3N/4D start at approx. INR 50,000 (approx. USD 750) for a couple during the low season (May to October) and can escalate depending on your choice of resort and the travel period.

What are the best things to do in Maldives?

There is something for everyone in the Maldives. From water sports, spa days, yoga, sailing trips, deep sea diving, snorkelling to literally doing nothing, the list is endless. Apart from these chargeable activities, certain resorts also line up a number of activities for both kids as well as adults. Cookie and Pizza baking, crab racing, movie nights, General Manager’s weekly cocktails are arranged by the resort to keep guests occupied. We would recommend utilising most of your time on the island rather than visiting other islands.

When should I book my holiday to the Maldives?

Since the weather is the same round the year it is best to visit the Maldives in the Low season (May to October) as it is economical. Further, it is best to book for your holiday at least three months prior to your intended travel date in order to take benefit of any ongoing offers.

How long should I stay in the Maldives?

We would recommend you to stay for at least 3 nights 4 days in the Maldives.

How safe is the Maldives?

The Maldives is a very safe and a peaceful country. Resorts are isolated from the capital and the airport and are therefore unaffected if there is any unrest if any. Resorts are very safe and are well equipped with medical facilities on site.

Can I get Jain/Vegetarian/Indian food?

Many resorts have started serving a wide range of Vegetarian Meals. Indian food is available at a good handful of resorts. Jain food is also available at a few resorts.

Please specify your dietary requirements to one of our travel executives and we shall make sure we offer you resorts which make provisions for the same.

What are the unique experiences not to miss in the Maldives?

In general, we would recommend you to definitely try snorkelling around the coral reefs and explore the beautiful flora and fauna. We would definitely suggest you take a beginners’ PADI diving course to explore the depths of the Maldivian waters.

If provided by the resort, we would definitely recommend sponsoring and naming a coralline/frame. This gesture not only contributes to the sustainability of the ocean but also allows you to keep a part of you in the Maldives forever!

In addition to this, every resort has something unique about them. Check out our resorts page for more information.

Which are the family-friendly resorts in Maldives?

Please check our resorts page for more information.

How do I apply for a visa for the Maldives?

Visa for all nationalities is on arrival and gratis in the Maldives. You will need to carry your passport, return air tickets and the booking voucher provided by Make Plans Holidays.

How do I make a payment with Make Plans Holidays?

50% of the payment needs to be done at the time of booking.
The balance payment needs to be done 30 days prior to your arrival date. Failure of making the payment 30 days prior to the arrival date will place the booking under full cancellation as per resort policies.

Accepted Payment Methods:

Online Transfer/RTGS/NEFT/Cheque/Cash (Terms and Conditions Applied)

Cancellation Policy:

50% of the payment needs to be done at the time of booking in order to process the booking with the resort. Your booking is finalised only once this payment is made.

The balance payment needs to be done 30 days prior to your arrival date. Failure of making the payment minimum 30 days prior to the arrival date will place the booking under full cancellation as per resort policies.*

*Cancellation policy will depend on the resort you have chosen since different resorts have different cancellation policies. The same applies to refund policies. The same will be mentioned to you at the time of booking.

Can I stay in a water villa and a beach villa?

Yes. We can tailor your holiday package in a way where you can enjoy both – Water Villa and Beach Villa on your stay. Please mention this to our travel executive so we can provide you with the best economical options.

I want to celebrate my birthday/anniversary in the Maldives. Is there anything special that can be arranged for me?

Yes. Depending on the resort and their policy, we will try our best to arrange for freebies to make your special day even more special. Freebies may include a cake, bed decoration etc depending on the resort. Certain resorts may even charge an additional amount for the same.

At the time of booking, please mention this request to our travel executive so we can make timely arrangement for the same.

Can anything special be arranged for my honeymoon?

We will tailor a honeymoon package with freebies provided by the resort. Usually, resorts will provide certain complimentary services to honeymooners which will be mentioned in your package. However, additional services like Private Dinner by the Beach can be arranged at an additional cost depending on the resort.

At the time of booking, please mention this request to our travel executive so we can make timely arrangements for the same. Please carry your marriage certificate (no older than 06 months) as proof in order to avail these services. Failure to present marriage certificate may lead to cancellation of honeymoon freebies.

Can I stay at a hotel in Male city instead of a resort?

Yes. However, you will miss out on the true Maldivian experience of one island one resort should you choose to live in the city. We would recommend splitting your stay between the city and a resort to squeeze in a  little bit of the Maldivian experience.

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